File a Complaint

UCSF Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Form

Telling a Professor, Supervisor or Work Colleague 

You should feel free to talk to a trusted friend or colleague. Keep in mind that managers, supervisors and certain employees such as faculty and principal investigators are required to report to the Title IX officer (sexual harassment officer).

Questions regarding the UC Policy on harassment or discrimination, or reports/inquiries from those feeling they have been subjected to harassment or discrimination may be directed to our office in one of the following ways:

File Anonymously

To file an ANONYMOUS ON-LINE complaint, go to EthicsPoint.* Choose a location and define "discrimination or harassment" as your subject matter, and input the details of your complaint.

To file an ANONYMOUS PHONE complaint, call the EthicsPoint* Hotline at (800) 403-4744.

* EthicsPoint is run by a neutral, third party vendor.  Your complaint will be routed anonymously to the appropriate department for handling.